Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one minute of sneakiness.

Carl is doing work stuff.

I'm supposed to be making shoes.

That's Ezra's blessing shoes, I mean.

I'm also supposed to be packing up our home as we will be moving to Texas in a week and leaving for our fun family trip tomorrow morning.

Which brings me to this blog... I'm so excited to go visit everyone this week! Here's my list of things I'm excited about:

1. Family. I can't wait to see my parents, Shnooks (that's my sister- don't ask why I call her Shnooks. I'm not even sure if she knows why.), grampa (he gets to meet his first great-grandson!), in-laws, and all of my  in-law siblings. and my only nephew! I haven't seen him since he was a few days old!

2. CA's weather- what can I say? The Bay Area won my heart many years ago :)

3. My mom's cooking- she cooked for Carl and I for almost 3 weeks and then even left some frozen meals for us. We consumed every last crumb and now we miss it more. Mommy!!!

4.  Ezra's baby blessing- I'm excited for Carl to have this new experience and for Ezra to receive this blessing! And plus there's a party afterwards. Party on!

5. Berries. I cannot even tell you how much I want to eat Oregon berries. Every time we buy berries here, Carl tells me how sweet and delicious Oregon berries are and that there's even an abundance of wild blackberry bushes that grow like weeds everywhere. I want them. and I will get them.

6. Hang out time! It'll be nice to just hang out with everyone in CA and OR. I'm hoping to see my dearest friend, Stephanie as well (HI SCHTEPH!). It'll be nice to just finish dinner and sit around the table chatting while eating fruit my mom has just peeled or to be sitting around making fun of each other at the Leder household (a family favorite).

I am just SO stoked for this trip! I can't wait for everyone to meet Ezra! and to hold him because my arms are screaming for relief! haha

alright, back to making shoes and then packing up the home.

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