Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh dear.

Time has slipped away again and boy, do I have updates for you faithful followers of the Leder clan.

Ezra is turning 10 months old this week. How can this be happening?! He is closer to toddlerhood than ever. This is a little late, but here are his 9 month stats:

Weight: 20 lbs, 48th percentile
Length: ~26 in, less than 5th percentile (he's a little shortcake apparently. What a surprise since his parents are so tall!)
Head Circ: I don't remember exact measurements, but he's in the 75th percentile. A big brain for the smart child!

I'm pretty sure I was accurate in my calculations. I didn't take him to a pediatrician for a well-baby check.


Next item of news: I am employed as a RN finally! After hunting for months, I found a nursing home willing to take me in and provide me experience! I'm working part-time, about 24-30 hours/week and so far mostly evenings scheduled. The pay is great and the patients are sweet, forgetful, old people. It is far from my ideal dream job, but I am so grateful to have a job in my profession and to be gaining experience. Plus the pay is great! Wahoo!

And next,


These are the two schools Carl has applied to. He had an interview with Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) a week and a half ago and he is currently in Nebraska to interview with University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) tomorrow morning! Carl is incredibly talented and I have confidence in his abilities to get into a perfusion school this year. I'd be happy to call either Wisconsin or Nebraska home for two years- my dear Aunt Carol lives close to Milwaukee and I'd love to see her more often and Omaha is close to Kansas City, which will always have a dear spot in my heart. If by chance Carl doesn't get in, then I will forever doubt his talents. Just kidding, I'd probably talk smack about those schools and then accept that sometimes things just happen for a reason and encourage Carl to apply again next year. Another year in Oregon!

Back to me- I withdrew from school. Yikes! Life is too short to fret about GPAs, clinicals, homework, and tests. I was balancing way to many things this summer trying to work 24 hours, do 10-12 hours of clinicals, take 2-3 tests, finish large assignments/papers, and participate in online discussions and projects all per week and then try to interact with my family. It added up to about 45+ hours/week outside of the home and then an additional 10 hours at least doing tests/homework. When would I see Carl or Ezra? It really made me sad to think that Ezra was turning one this summer and I was going to be gone for the last few months of his infancy. So, though extremely difficult at first to let go of my pride, I withdrew from school, sold my nursing books, and I'm happy as a clam now (are they really actually happy? I'll say I'm happy as.. [insert something happy])! I feel so relieved, it's incredible. I can sit down and blog right now! I can fall asleep and not stress about an assignment that's coming up! I can go outside and enjoy the sunshine (if it's not raining ha!)! Life is great :) Education is also wonderful though, and I will finish my last four classess when Carl graduates perfusion school, gets a job, and we settle down somewhere for at least a year.

courtesy of - looks like this one mostly

Here's another curveball: our beloved truck is no longer here. This is one of the transitions we've made to being back on a full-time student budget. We traded it in for a silver 2008 Honda Civic and to be honest, I love the Civic more than the truck! We just went through our first tank of gas and we averaged a whopping 33.8 MPG!

Those are the major updates. Life is going much more smoothly now and we're happy :) I am so stoked about our future!

Here are some pictures of our recent outing to the Tulip Festival, including some snapshots of our little ham:

Colors upon colors. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful scene.

mid blink. how awkward.

vroom vroom! or maybe walk-walk?

I know, ew, right? But then again, kind of cool...

My husband has big muscles and can squish you.

My family :) I am a friend, wife, and mother.

Oh yes, we bought chicks! Sadly, most of them were purchased to eat after they get old enough... but weren't they cute?!

eeeeeeeeee! so cute! don't worry, they're awkward teenage chickens now.

Glad you made it to the end :)


  1. You three make a wonderful family and we are so proud of you. Vic and Pam the Grandparents of Ezra.

  2. Guess who finally has Internet access! I was thrilled to get this life update. First of all, you are all amazing and I am proud of you all. Second of all, I love that shirt and I want it. Thirdly, I love you and miss you.

  3. Yaaaayyy for an update! We miss you guys and are so glad that you're livin' life happy and well!

  4. Congrats on the job!! So great to have an income and experience!! Ezra is getting so big and turning into a little man!! We should get together for a play date sometime! Maybe Lexi can teach Ezra how to walk! ;)