Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wisconsin what?!

Preface: This will be a blog written by Carl and no doubt touched up by Tracey so that it looks good!

I have been accepted tot he Clinical Perfusion program at the Milwaukee school of Engineering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! The first day is September 2nd, so we basically have 12 or so weeks to get ready and move to Milwaukee! If you have any pointers about where to live in that area, we are open for suggestions. The school had told me about a month ago  that I was on their waiting list in case one of the accepted students dropped out, but that my chances of getting in were very slim due to the fact that the students they accepted were all form their undergrad program. But lo and behold on Friday I got a phone call informing me that one of those students had dropped and I am now one of the 5 admitted for this fall out of the 35 or so applicants. Needless to say I feel blessed and privileged to be starting school this fall.

It is a Masters program and is 18 months long but they tell me that most students take until 20-21 months to finish their thesis. One of the great things about this program is that I will be able to do all my clinical work in Milwaukee verses moving around several times during the final months of the program as they do in most programs.

Now we just need to find out where to live out there.... I've heard that there is a good size LDS student population around Wauwatosa, and it would be nice to live near other people that will be in our ward. Let us know if you know of a good place to live within 15 minutes of downtown Milwaukee.

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  1. That is very exciting. Good luck with everything and I hope that you do great!!!!!