Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's (was) the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello faithful blog followers,

Remember when I posted about Thanksgiving right before Christmas? Well, now I'm posting about Christmas a few weeks after the New Year! At least it's before Chinese New Year, right?

Christmas in Oregon was lovely. We spent it with almost all of Carl's siblings (and parents, of course) and got to relax and play most of the time (Carl had to work a few times. Boo). We visited with some friends and cousins too! Knowing me, I am terrible at remembering to take pictures of these key events because looking back at my pictures now, they are mostly of (a) babies and (b) objects. A few lucky people got in the pictures too. I am not one of them.

I made stockings this year! Santa was very kind and filled it with tasty treats.

Have you ever seen a tree with SO many presents under it?!

I have not.

Pam painted all these little shops back in the day and used the names of her children for shop names. Cute, eh?

Here is the town situated above the piano.

Getting ready for Christmas breakfast with the Case side.

Aw, a garden gnome :)

Ezra enjoying a christmas present
Uncle Marty, The Pancake Master

mmmmmmm pancakes

Benjamin in his walker, AKA toe smasher :)

Ezra with Grandpa!

Uncle Matt playing amazingly on his 12 string guitar

Breakfast is over, extended family is leaving, time for presents!

Unwrapping his present...
...and enjoying the paper :)

Ezra's favorite gift was laying in wrapping paper heaven!

Here is Benjamin modeling the wrapping paper for us :)

Miss Dawn making amazing food in the kitchen

Great-Grandma Case and Aunt Lori with Ezra

Baby Shower for Katie!

Katie got a second Christmas at her baby shower

Aunt Catie and Uncle Brandon saying goodbye as we packed to head back to UT

Like I said, Christmas was lovely. New Year's Eve was much more low key this year and I forgot to take pictures (of course). I look forward to being back in Oregon and can't wait for another holiday in CA. Or maybe there won't be a holiday and I'll just visit anyway :)

Look forward to Ezra's 6 month post!

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