Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow Day!

I've neglected my audience for almost two weeks now. So here is an update/brain dump:

"Guess what. I have a bunion."

"I thought only old people get those."

"Yeah, me too. I guess 23 is old age."


This is the conversation I had with myself as I discovered I have a bony prominence literally growing on my right big toe's joint. I noticed a lot of my shoes had been causing me pain the past several weeks, but I ignored it because pregnancy does funny things to feet. But then there was that tiny little bump... and it grew. And now it's just a small bump. Enough to bug the heck out of me if I'm wearing any shoe but the upholstered Dansko clogs my aunt gave me. I have tried on, purchased, and returned more shoes in the last 2 months than ever before in my whole life. All I have to say is LAME. And I'm really going to miss all my stillettos and cute flats that I can't fit anymore.

By the way, bunions aren't crusty and nasty like I thought they were. Old people feet are that way from years of poor fitting shoes and callouses. Not my tender little feet.

Aside from that sour news, this past Saturday night through Monday night included a bout of food poisoning for me, so that was a blur. I recovered fairly quickly, but I have been very weary of leftovers since...

And aside from that sour news too, Wednesday was great because... it was Leap Day! I've always been fascinated with Leap Year- I love that it's every four years! Carl and I were married last leap year (we should have planned it so that it was actually on leap day!) and now, four years later, we are where we could never have imagined. I wanted to make it a special day, but with recovering from food poisoning, I was a little limited on time and resources. Nonetheless, Carl and I wrote Leap Day letters to ourselves, Ezra, and this bun in the oven... to be opened in four years! I'm excited to keep up with this tradition. I love reminiscing and I love letters. Perfect combination for Leap Day 2016.

Work has been great. I love how much I'm learning, though I still feel really dumb a lot of days. I work with such talented and quick thinking people. I feel almost intimidated by how good they are at their job. But I continue to try and absorb as much as I can, asking questions  when I really need to, and try to jump in and gain experience in my weak areas. Like IVs. Some days I do great and start all my IVs on the first try. Other days, I profusely apologize to the patient for poking them twice and failing. oops.

Yesterday the snow came down again. I'm a little tired of this confused winter, but I'm happy that it has been a very mild one. The snow is going to just melt away in a few days.Woot. Today, Ezra finally got a chance to play in the snow (he's walked around snow, just hasn't played in it. You know, snow balls, snow angels, etc.). He's been sick every time it snows the first time and by the time he's recovered, the snow is partway melted already. I even managed to capture the moment!

such a handsome little ham

Wah. My winter coat did not fit this winter.

I love the way freshly fallen snow looks on barren trees. So pretty.

Alrighty, so there you go, an update :)

In case you haven't done so, predict a gender and birthdate for babe #2! See this previous post for more info:


  1. I love you guys!! I can't wait to see Carl and Ezra this next week and wish you could be here, as well, Tracey. I'm glad things are going well. Sad about the bunion. Is there any thing they can do to remove it? How much longer until you pop?

  2. Food poisoning...ick! Didn't you get food poisoning when you were prego with Ezra? Not fun! Oh and bless those little bunion you needed something else to make you uncomfortable while pregnant. geesh!