Friday, January 17, 2014

back it up back it up back it up

behold, a great feast.
Am I allowed to start with Thanksgiving to get caught up? Surely the blogging police won't arrest me for this late entry. We spent the holiday here in Wisconsin again, but this year, we decided to be exclusive to our own breed and not socialize. Carl was busy with school earlier in the week and I never set any plans in stone with other families, so this was the simplest (and frankly, most relaxing) plan. So for the sake of memory keepsaking, here's how our Thanksgiving went down:

I started preparing all our food for our little family in the morning:

- seasoned stuffing
- sweet potato casserole
- green beans, mother-in-law style (yum. hearty. simple. green beans steamed and then a little milk and butter heated on high to produce a delicious creamy "sauce")
- baguette
- cranberry jelly made from fresh cranberries
- king crab legs. KING CRAB LEGS. such a good idea to skip turkey for crab.
- mini pumpkin pies (I made these the day before)

Thanksgiving week was the first week in months since I had bought butter. and I used almost 3/4 pounds!

I finished cooking early, so we had dinner at 1 pm.. So delicious.

We were trying to decide what we should do for the rest of the day and spontaneously decided to go watch Frozen instead of waiting the next day. Why not? It was a good movie. and we all loved it! Well, Vivienne got bored halfway through, but still enjoyed it overall.
their favorite part - pie.
We came back and had dinner again around 5 or 6 pm. Still so delicious.


all alone, no love. jk. just working on pie.
The kids went to bed around 7:30, Carl and I had 2nd trimester food babies in our bellies and laid on the couch pondering on our day. And then we finished the rest of the king crab at 9:30 pm. And it was still so delicious.

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