Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Holiday Trip of 2013: part II

vivs outside of grandpa and grandma case's
I have always loved being close to the mountains and ocean, though to be quite honest, I never played much in the ocean or hiked very much growing up. My family members and myself were not avid outdoors men- er people- but I always felt a little more at home if I had a mountain nearby or an ocean I could drive to and admire the beauty of nature.

Oregon was lovely because not only is there an ocean nearby, but the mountains are too. And then there's Carl's family- I swear everyone in the Willamette Valley is either a Leder, married to a Leder, or went to school/work with a Leder. It's pretty awesome. We had a fantastic two weeks there, despite the sleep issues with the kids. I love snuggling with my babies, but being brutally beaten by toddler appendages does not exactly equate to a good night's slumber in anyone's book. If you say it does, you're a liar and no good. Hahaha. But really.

'Nuff with the jibber jabber, here's them pictures:

carl being a monkey and fixing Christmas lights just in time.

these kids loved those chickens!

visiting grandparents and being serenaded

We bought our first Christmas Tree!

Christmas morning!!

i love that Bella looks like she's smiling too haha

Case Family Christmas Party

 I kind of love us. and I think I nailed my crazy eye quite well.

 1: spraying the ground 2: minimal splatter 3: whoops.

And then a few more goodies, including beautiful little Evelyn!

learning a few moves from uncle cody
 this girl really needs a dog.

they tend to do this a lot on trips.
 I also had the chance to take a few "portraits" (in quotes because I have no idea what I'm doing half the time haha. the truth is out!) of the ladies and grandparents:

I couldn't decide which one I liked more- color or no color... I'm thinking no color as it hides the low light jaundice a bit more.

Ummmm, adorable grandparents?!

Four generations :)

and now my head is pounding from staring at the monitor too long. It's true, I watched a shameful amount of youtube videos while waiting for pictures to upload or save on my photo editing webpage... and then again on the blog. Until next time,


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