Friday, June 11, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun

June 11th.

Hmmmm, can it really be June already? I remember being in school thinking June would never come. and really, time seemed so slow then. Now, I have

33 days until my due date, which puts me due in 3 to 5 weeks (2 weeks if you count 37 weeks as term)

31 days until I see my mama (can't wait for you to come out here, mama!)

13 days until I take the NCLEX, which determines if I'm going to be a "Real Nurse" or not. Can I just ask that you all please pray that I don't suddenly pop in the testing center. I'll be 37 weeks at this point!

11 days until I turn 22 years old. Whoopee, I'll be sooooo comfortable in my 37 week body! Carl has presents stashed in the home somewhere, though so far, all I've discovered is the wrapping paper in the water heater closet.

9 days until Father's day (can't wait to give Carl his present. It's also currently stashed in a very secret spot)

6 days until my next doctor's appointment. We get to do fun stuff (not) like the Group B Strep test and checking to see if I've dilated or effaced any yet. Please, please, please tell me that I'll be closed up for at least another 2 weeks after that!!!

3 days until our AT&T bill cycle restrarts. Yes! Minutes are very scary right now and could use a restart...

2 days until Carl gets a break from work and we get to go to church and hopefully check out some cool historical sites nearby!

1 to 2 hours until I see Carl. Can't wait!

I feeling extremely pregnant now. I've even begun to develop a waddle. I've learned that at this point, my iliosacral joints are really beginning to loosen and stretch, causing me PAIN. and a waddle. On a brighter note, Carl took me out yesterday and we bought 2 shirts that fit me! I love Target clearances. I had been getting fairly frustrated because I now can no longer zip up any pants and all my shirts are too short. I've escaped maternity clothes this pregnancy, but maybe the next one I'll invest in some pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, and well, a whole wardrobe because while I enjoy being a penny pincher, it's not really fun to wake up each day and think, "Should I stay in my robe today, wear my black sweats, my blacks sweats, or black sweats? And should I wear the grey shirt or pink shirt, or the grey shirt or pink shirt?"

Can't wait to be holding our babe though!


  1. Yaay for the count down! We're so excited for all of the things you are experiencing. Soon enough you'll officially be a nurse and a mom!

  2. Thanks! It's all happening so quickly!!! I bet your pregnancy is going to go by super quickly too- it seems to happen to everyone! I hope we get to see you sometime!!

  3. Ahh your post brings back memories. Sometimes even after I had Landen, I would still 'waddle' since I had been doing it for so long while preggo. I guess my body was just used to walking that way. Haha.