Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let us make a wager!

Well, I'm 37 1/2 weeks along now and I'm feeling a little bored right now. No more Kaplan to review, no more stress of taking the NCLEX, Carl's out working, and the house is clean (mostly). SO, I would like to do something fun. I'd like to invite all you friends and family to guess (via a comment) when our babe will be born and the winner will get something delicious mailed to them. To make it more exact, specify one of the following times:

"morning" - 6 am to 11:59 am
"noon," - 12 am to 5:59 pm
"evening," - 6 pm to 11:59 pm
"no-man's hour" 12 am - 5:59 am

So here is an example if you are confused: I am betting that our babe will be born Friday, July 9th during no-man's hour.

Since many of you haven't seen me in person for awhile (I'm a baby beluga at this point. It's the truth, Katy!), I'll give you some numbers:
- I'm measuring right on the spot, so about 37 cm
- My waist is approximately 40 inches around
- I weigh 129 lbs as of Thursday (meaning I've gained 31 lbs!!!)
- EDIT: I should probably add that my due date is July 14th!

Ladies and gentlemen, let the wagers begin and a tasty treat be mailed your way!!!

FYI: Since I'll be 38 weeks this Wednesday (6/30), the contest closes off at midnight on that day... otherwise it'd be a little too easy to put in a guess after that...

On a different note, I'm one year older and wiser now! This year was very special to me because of this number: 22! You may notice that I put 22 at the end of my personal emails, screen-names, etc. This is why: I was born on June 22nd at 2:22 am. So what are the odds that this year, I turned 22 years old on June 22nd, at 2:22 am? It was special :) Carl and I even stayed up until 2:22 am. Well, ok, I made it to that time and Carl dozed off every few minutes. At least he tried :)

Ok now really, let the wagers begin!!!!!!!!! (even you, mommy, because I know you read our blog religiously!)


  1. Evening July 10th.

  2. I'm guessing it will be on 7/7 and 7:07am (which is in the morning time slot!)
    And... This is carl's guess.

  3. Drew's guess is July 12th in the morning around 6:30.

  4. Tuesday, July 6th at 5:43pm.

    I want those baked treats!!!!!!!!

  5. And my mama e-mailed me with her guess: "7/14 before mid-night!"

    So we'll put that as the evening hour slot!

    Fun to read all the guesses! Keep 'em coming!

  6. Ok, how about 7/15 at 5:15 PM! So it is written, so shall it be done! Haha! Yah, right. Whatever time it is will be the best time of your life to meet the wonderful new person in your life! Tell him grandma said that he is my favorite!

  7. Ok, I messed up, the anonymous comment was me!

  8. July 10th in the noon time frame. Only because having a baby in the middle of the night makes for two long days. Good luck!

  9. Daddy Lockwood: July 13th, 11:59 pm (evening hour slot)

  10. Katy: Sunday, July 4th during no man's hour

    Shea: I'm going 7/7 too Carl, but evening slot 7:77 PM (also being 8:17 PM) I like Pie.

  11. morning of 7/5 :) I bet you will go early since you've been exercising and staying active!

  12. And via text message, Papa Leder has also claimed July 7th except during "no-man's hour," specifically around 5 am!

    I must add on a Tracey-note that it's a little frightening to think the baby is coming this weekend from some of your bets! Eek!

  13. July 13, evening slot. Yay babe.

  14. July 17th No man's Hour! Can't wait to see pictures on here!

  15. July 10th during the morning time. And Im measuring at 40 inches too!! Tracy we have so much in common. :)