Monday, June 7, 2010

I love spending money... when it's practically FREE!!!

A special thank you to...

So, I just needed to share a good deal with anyone who reads this because holy moly, I got these items for a steal!

I really never thought I would by everyday items online, but this health supply company, Medco, keeps giving out these $10 off $10 coupon codes, so how could I resist? You see, the subtotal comes to $33.25, but then I actually used 3 coupon codes on 3 separate orders, so before shipping, I paid $3.25 for all those items, and since I had to do 3 separate orders, I had to pay for individual shipping, but it was only $0.99/order! So yeah, all those items for $6.22! Wahoo!

Now, if you would like more toiletries, as you may have noticed that my orders are all everyday necessities like deodorant and soap (true, dove soap is not a necessity, but it sure smells great!), AND save $30, make 3 separate purchases on (you'll need to create an account) as close to $10 as possible before shipping and use these codes in this order:




Make sure not to include a space after the code and copy exactly the way it is typed here :) Happy savings!!!

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