Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing the Waiting Game

Well, here it is, my boredom allowed me to make a fancy calendar of all of your guesses! This was fun to for me to see what you all have in mind too. I wasn't really sure for some of you who was making the guess, so I either catergorized you as a couple, family, or individual.

I keep having Linda Ronstadt's song "The Waiting" play over and over in my head, specifically the chorus when she sings "The wa-a-ai-ting is the hardest part." Isn't this so true? Of course the song obviously isn't about some woman who is 38 weeks pregnant in midst of July's summer heat, but I can relate to the chorus at least. It's exciting to know that the babe will at least be born by July 21st (41 weeks) because I'll be induced by then. Still hoping this boy decides to surprise me in the middle of the night or something. Actually, I'm mostly just hoping that I'll be home if my water breaks instead of walking around the mall or in a movie theater..

Speaking of movies, Carl and I have suddenly had the strong desire to watch every movie in theatre right now and those to come out soon. I even want to watch Eclipse. If you know me, you know how much I trash-talk those books. Yes, I read them each within a 24 hour time period, but not because I thought they were so amazing... I just needed to find out if Bella became a dang vampire or not. Anyway, I still don't recommend the books, unless you enjoy indecisive teen girls who have the perfect vampire boyfriend that allows her to kiss her hot werewolf friend, nor the movies unless you enjoy seeing some cool werewolf action scenes, which both Carl and I think is pretty cool. I think I want to watch Eclipse mostly because of the hype. We'll probably catch a matinee very soon.

I've been fairly sew-crazy lately but not so photo-snapping crazy hence the lack of pictures of my creations. I made another dress, hemmed some clearance sweats into shorts, and I have some cute little baby pants cut out and ready to be sewn when I decide I feel like it. I am very ready to have this baby now. I even told him he could come out now that I got a haircut, had a pedicure, and finally finished my important sewing projects. I don't think he's ready to leave the uterus hotel though- I don't really blame him. It's kind of a scary world to be born into compared to being toted around 24/7 in a warm environment and hooked up to your meals through your belly button.

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  1. Haha...I like that you're ready now for the baby to come and that you have done those few relaxing things that might not get done for a long while after the baby has come. I don't blame him either if he takes his precious time because not having to consciously consume food would be fabulous!