Friday, January 13, 2012

Pregs and Stats

I know many of you have been craving a good plump picture of my belly. Don't mind the messy couch. It always looks like that.

EZRA! is 18 months old + a few days! He is one smarty and he knows it. Like I was saying last post, I would update you all on Mr. Mischievious:

  • Weight: 23 lbs, 14 oz (40%)
  • Height: 30 in (2%) - yes, that is the number two only. He's short and mighty- like his parents :)
  • Head Circ.: 49.5 cm (95%) - to hold his all-knowing, powerful, and brilliant brain of course!
No surprises on our side- we're happy to see consistent growth since his last appointment.

Ezra is such fun to have around. I'll never get over how smart he is. Not only are we, as parents, full of amazement, but strangers and acquaintances alike come up to us to point out his intelligence. It does make my head feel like it's in the 95th percentile or more often. He communicates with us so well despite having consistent small vocabulary of 6 words or so. A few notable developments:
  • He says "night-night" at bed time, still sleeping 11-12 hours a night (woot)
  • Loves to throw and kick all the toy balls we have here (he's been doing this for awhile, but I thought I should report it to his fans
  • LOVES the movie Tangled- Rapunzel is his girl friend
  • Eats with a spoon and fork at meals. Still working on the cup thing- he's been drinking from a cup forever it seems, just not very well on his own.
  • Has become the pickiest little eater that ever was. We frequently joke that Ezra has a hollow leg just for cheese.
  • Only takes one nap a day, usually for 2-3 hours (woot again)
  • Folds his hands/arms during prayer (usually only for the first 30 seconds only haha)
  • Still a music lover- this kid has got rhythm! I think he dances everyday at least.
He still has no idea who will be a permanent resident in April, but that's ok, I think he'll adjust well to having a little brother or sister :) I've been teaching him to be "gentle" and "soft" to my belly and saying "baby" when pointing to it, but he's also pet Carl's belly softly when Carl has mention "baby..." Kinda cute :)

On a bum note, we think he has food allergies to egg and peanut butter. He's broken out in mini hives in the past, so today, I painfully watched (and scolded a nurse for digging for a vein. whoops. mama bear escaped) Ezra get his blood drawn for a egg and tree nut allergy panel. He's also allergic to amoxycillin (which resulted in a systemic bright red rash in December). Boo! I guess even if you don't have a family history of food allergies, it still happens, especially if you do have a family history of asthma and eczema (weird) (carl and I both have family history of the latter- does anyone recall my condemned finger(s)?! haha).

After the pediatrician appointment, we went and toured the hospital I have now decided to deliver at. It's amazing. I love it. If you're ever delivering a baby in Milwaukee, go to the Columbia Center at Mequon. I promise you will not be disappointed. And I haven't even delivered there yet. I wish they would give me a dang job there! haha

Ok, that is all. The End.


  1. Yaayy! Love that belly and little Ezra. We miss you guys and hope that you're enjoying all the snow!

  2. I remember the "condemned finger"!!!

  3. Tracy, you have the CUTEST pregnant tummy. Little Ezra is too cute! I never heard that about food allergies. I have eczema too (a condemned knuckle, haha)and there is definitely asthma in my family too. I guess I better be on the look out for food allergies in Kenize...

  4. Thanks, Katy!

    Ahhhh the condemned finger... glad you remember it, Katie :) Didn't you begin to get one too?! hahaha

    Geri, you are too sweet! Thanks! I'm glad you can also relate to a condemned extremity :) I love looking at pictures of your cute little girl- keep the pictures comin'!