Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Satisfied

By the way, I love when this

becomes this

wish you had a tasty Gala apple now, don't ya?

This is my second post for the night. Here is the first.


  1. yum. I sure am! So I am loving your blog! Tracy you are sooo cute and funny! What an adorable family you have, and I am seriously still in awe over your painted pregnant globe belly!!! SO FREAKIN' COOL! Why haven't I thought to do that??!

    Glad you guys are nice and settled in Tx. Glad we can keep better tabs on you now :)

    p.s. Ezra is adorable

  2. I'm glad you find it an enjoyable read :) I love blogging and filling in everyone on our life! Next time you are prego, and we happen to be in town, I will paint your belly for ya and then snap a bunch of pictures for the record :)