Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Take a look

he ditched his gloves to touch the snow. 11/2013

We had our first snow of the season yesterday. The kids were pretty excited, we even had friends over visiting to share the excitement with! As soon as Vivienne laid down for her nap, Ezra and I snuck outside for a few minutes to play in the snow. Well, he mostly explored it and I watched guard over our apartment to make sure no crazies hacked their way into my home with a sleeping baby. Just kidding, it wasn't that intense. It was fun to see it snowing. The first snow of the season always feels like a visit from an old friend I haven't seen in ages- and then just like that, they over stay their welcome and I remember why they were an old friend after all. Here's to warm wishes all around and to enjoy the snow while we can!

- the BEST airlines safety video ever. Just makes me wanna dance!

- parents, car seat safety! Remove those puffy coats and place the chest buckle over the CHEST not the stomach! I am a little passionate about this subject...

- Eerie photographs of abandoned places that somehow turns out beautiful!

- portraits of mothers and their 1 day old babes. Makes me want another one!

- several artists realistically colorized photographs from pre-colored-photograph days and the results are breath-taking- as if the great depression or Hiroshima was just last week!

- The Invisible Helmet. I am proud of these WOMEN who created this and stood up for what they believed in!

- In honor of Veterans Day yesterday, check out this amazing transformation of a homeless veteran. Think of the possibilities and futures we can give to veterans!

- just in time for the holiday season, DIY gift paper!

I am still recovering from last week's illness that struck our home. It has been an awful cough that has lasted far longer than I anticipated. Yesterday was the first day I felt good finally. Not completely recovered, but I'm getting there. Hoping everyone has a good week!

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