Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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as seen on instagram and facebook, my favorite picture of the night. 11/2013
Let me begin by telling you all we had a fantastic weekend. It really was! Our colds are all finally just little annoying coughs here and there and despite Carl studying hard early in the morning and late into the night, we managed to have a huge birthday party on Saturday. I really wanted to throw a party for Carl as we both enjoy the company of good friends. There was a moment during the party that I was feeling doubtful of my decision to invite every young family I knew as 12 kids raced around our small quarters, weaving in between all the adults, but that moment faded as quickly as it came because this kind of chaos was good. Parties are supposed to be fun, loud, crazy. Everyone was fed and we all pigged out on a variety of cheeses, Spanish meats, cream puffs, Costco cake and vanilla ice cream. Good company, good food, what more could make a great party? It was a happy 31st birthday.

Thanksgiving is literally just a few days away. In all honesty, I am excited to have a low key holiday and staying at home. Carl only has a week or two left of class and they are of course filled with final exams and research papers. He's a stud. I don't think I could ever be a grad student. I'm not even sure I ever want to go back to school. HA. Between school and our busy month of December visiting family, a low-key Thanksgiving is just what we need. We are even considering starting a new tradition of seeing a movie in the theater the morning after Thanksgiving- Frost or Free Birds look like they could be really fun for the children.

- I'm considering using Prinstagram to print my instagram pics. Anyone use their service or similar?

- I am obsessed with old homes. I definitely have home-envy for Oh Happy Day's new home in San Francisco!

- This is kind of sweet, but also slightly creepy.. Not sure how I'd react to a grown man falling asleep on my shoulder.

- wow. an all-in-1 card! Very cool!

- tips for conversation starters or activities during Thanksgiving dinner if conversation is not your forte.

- Movember is coming to an end soon, here is the proper way to say goodbye to your mustache

- Ok, Rett&Link from youtube are hilarious. I am not a Breaking Bad fan (gasp!)- I watched the first 3 episodes and then read about the remaining seasons' plots on wikipedia- but this middle school musical version of the show cracked me up. Check out their other middle school musicals too!

As always, video overloads. Love them. Have a good week everyone and especially a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be drinking lots of hot chocolate and watching movies together under fuzzy blankets here. We got a few inches of snow yesterday!


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