Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Take a look

glorious, glorious persimmon
No, that is not an orange tomato. It is a sweet and delicious persimmon! When I saw them at my favorite store, I willingly averted my eyes from the price tag and bought a case. No regrets as I've eaten about 2/3 of them. They are quite possibly my favorite fruit. They can be eaten a little soft or crunchy, similar to the way a good pear can taste amazing when it is crunchy or softer. Their taste- indescribable. Persimmons. Yum. Each time I bite into a freshly peeled one, I am reminded of my childhood- my mother would frequently peel a persimmon for me after school or as a post-dinner dessert. I have never eaten them any other way but fresh, so I'm not sure how I feel about jams and baked goods... go find a persimmon! (note: buy fuyu persimmons, not the pointy/diamond-like one- you will sorely regret eating the latter if it is not mushy and ripe!)

Aside from my persimmon love, I regret to inform you all that this household is still stricken with illness. Well, the children have improved significantly and only have a slight lingering cough. Carl still has a bothersome cough, but seems to be improving day by day, and I, well, I have bronchitis. BOO. hisssssss. My symptoms were all beginning to improve last wednesday and then I started to have nagging cough, then I worked and had a coughing spell and injured some rib muscles, which led me to go to an urgent care on Saturday to get a chest xray and pain relief, resulting in fresh prescriptions of albuterol, cherrytussin, prednisone, and zithromax and I am (hopefully) on my road to recovery. Thankfully, Carl was home to help this weekend and I did get to rest quite a bit. I will add that my cough sounds like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. *gollum*gollum*

Due to sickness, I have not been on the Internet much, so links are weak. Here are a few that I did come across and enjoy:

- trapped in ikea! funny prank :)

- too sweet- a toddler and his puppy sharing naps. can't wait to have a dog again someday!!

- dinosaurs come to life! Parents: WIN!

- curious about vaccinations for your children? This is good list with reliable resources regarding myths that haunt the parenting world. Community Immunity!

- fascinating picture series on fading secluded cultures/tribes around the world!

and finally with Thanksgiving around the corner,

- how to set up the kids table via DesignMom. We have an ongoing joke (but truth) in my family that my sister and I have never graduated from the kids table. Even my children join me at the kids table now.

Hoping everyone is healthy this week!

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