Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy November!

Too bad we are all sick today! Except Ezra. I think he is enjoying the rest of us being miserable and letting him rule the home today. Toy time and movies. All day long.

Fortunately I was hardly sick this weekend. We went down to the 'burbs of Chicago to go to the temple and I also got a new tooth. Did I mention my aunt is a dentist? We also had to of course stop by Ikea to at least check out their "as-is" section. We scored some kiddy sheets for only $3 each! Sweet deal. We almost bought a display bunk bed for $99 but decided there would be too many dangerous situations at this time- Daredevil Vivienne climbs to the top, gets into position, and- oooohhhh...

It was a nice weekend, but now it's time to recover. It seems like Daylight Savings is every parents' worst nightmare. We seem to be the lucky ones because I think our kids have always slept in an "extra hour" waking up at their normal time. Last night, Carl and I even slept almost 12 hours! Unheard of! We were exhausted.

Anyway, here is a fun video:

And promise to update on halloween:

first, Ezra's face. second, this was not their costumes, but they look pretty cute with their sprecher bird hats!


  1. I'm actually on the laptop which is the only place it'll let me comment from! Happy November! Love the post. Hope you all get feeling better soon! Glad you are able to get some sleep!