Monday, October 14, 2013

Fruit fly death trap

Morbid, I know. But the title says it all.

Ever bring home a box of ripe apples, peaches, mangoes, pears, oh wait- any fruit- and then only to have a swarm of fruit flies floating around your kitchen for days and days and days until all your fruit is gone? Yes, we have all been there and it is disgusting. And really quite annoying to be clapping every few minutes while near the kitchen.

"Hey! How's it *clap* going? Sorry, there's just a *clap* million fruit flies everywhere. *clap*clap* Wait, I think I got him! Oh, no, there he goes."

Fortunately, there is a semi-cure to all your fruit fly woes. It's nothing special or new and yet I find myself telling people this trick all the time. Here it is, The Death Trap:

have a sweet drink, my little flies...
***I changed the amount of apple cider/water ratio- more apple cider makes a more potent drink***

1. Squeeze a little dish soap in a jar

2. Turn on the water and quickly fill the jar halfway 1/3 full so that you get a nice frothy bubbly top

3. Fill the jar with equal 2/3 parts of apple cider vinegar. It must be apple cider vinegar (I've tried other vinegars and they are a no-go)

4. Leave the jar near your largest fruit fly population and cackle softly as they accumulate. 

This is good for about a day and then you should change out the concoction. 

Washing your fruit when you bring it home will definitely reduce fruit fly issues, but here's your go-to for when you forget (who has time to wash 10 lbs of fruit a few times a week?! Ok, maybe I'm just lazy).

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