Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Take a look

anyone else dreaming of warm weather with the dropping temperatures? moab 10/2010

Working night shift was really rough when I worked 3-4 days a week. I could never really get out of my zombie mode when it was my day off and as soon as I caught up on half of my sleep, I was right back at it again. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have right now to be in a pool position where I only work two days a month on the weekend. It has been great. I miss the excitement and adrenaline rush of working in the ER regularly, but I feel like I have gotten to know my children more than I have before. For instance, I can now predict responses from both children, especially Ezra, about 99% of the time.

me "Do you want the rest of your cereal or keep playing with your toys?"

ezra "Keep playing."

me "ok."

-- wait for it... ("No! I want the rest of my cereal!") --

ezra "No! I want the rest of my cereal!"

me "it's still there."

every time.

I worked this past weekend and missed my mother-less family very much. Granted, Carl didn't really do anything exciting without me, but I still feel like I missed out. I also felt a little gypped while at work because I didn't get to do a single IV. Silly or disturbing? I do enjoy putting a sharp needle and sliding a catheter into someone's vein (mwahahaha). There just really wasn't any sick patients this weekend. Which is a good thing for the patients. Bonus: I am no longer a zombie regularly.

As usual, I came across many interesting things over the past week, here are some highlights:

- Not new for me, but probably my favorite DIY blog. John and Sherry are full-time DIYers/bloggers/parents. And they're funny! My creepy personality states that Sherry and I could be friends.

- #batdad!!! Ok, Bat Dad is actually on Vine, but here is his youtube page. He is hilarious. Carl and I get a good laugh at all of his little 8 second videos. Where was Vine when I lived near Kim and Steph?!

- who knew popcorn was not a popular idea when movie theaters started rising?!

- DIY cement candle holders! Not as challenging as it sounds.

- SO interesting to watch! Strangers posed and photographed together

- some day, I will have a bright, airy nursery. or just rooms.

- ahhh I remember wanting a Che Guevara shirt so bad in high school! Halloween inspiration?

- janae from Bring Joy imparts her wisdom from the 5th pregnancy. Seriously what I needed to read when I felt whelmed with the thought of ever having more than two kids. Guys, I'm a weenie when it comes to motherhood.

Have a wonderful rest of your week! Personally, I'm excited for you to learn about my next item on the bucket list :)