Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Boy

my two favorite pictures: 6 days old and just a few months under 3 years old

Ezra Wallace.

He is 3 years and 3 months old.

My boy.

It baffles me to think that it has only been a little over 3 years ago when Ezra came screaming into the world (click here for my recollection of his birth. It was pretty intense at the time and still scares me some days recalling those memories...). He was so tiny and adorable. And very chubby eventually. He was such a good-tempered, calm baby.
he's our little water dog. We need to visit our Florida family soon because this poor kid has been begging to go to the beach!
And then he grew and he grew, and developed the best personality ever. I love his imagination and creativity. And his memory! The other day, I was watching this awesome video of The Piano Guys (piano and cello duo) playing their amazing music on the Great Wall of China (please let me go there someday, please, please, please!) and without mentioning it to Ezra, he looked up at me and asked if I was watching Kung Fu Panda, which was what they were playing! It has been months since we watched that and I'm pretty sure I've watched it more than he has and could not recognize that song right off.

Each week I have to clear photos on my phone, but I tend to do screen shots so I won't forget my goofy boy's faces
He had a word explosion right before he turned 3. Suddenly he went from a few short sentences and a few handfuls of words to complex question and LOTS of opinions. It is so fun to talk to him. He will talk your ear off if you let him, but he will mostly be happy if you pretend to go on jungle adventures with him or play hide and go seek (which he is terrible at because he always says "I'm here!!" when I say "hmm, where could Ezra be?" Ha. love it!).

I thought my most trying time as parent was tackling potty training. You must think I'm silly, but it was awful for me. I started trying when he turned 2 and then kept postponing every few weeks because he just wasn't "getting" it. If there's one thing I learned from this whole experience, it's that what "they" say is true: "if they're not ready, they are not ready." There is no magical age when each child is ready to be potty trained, but for Ezra, turning 3 and waiting 2 months seemed to do the trick. He's great at telling me when he needs to go now and we "run! run! run!" as quickly as we can no matter where we are at to make it to the potty. I'm so proud of him and SO glad that the accidents are rare these days. In just a few weeks, it'll be Vivienne's turn because she loves the potty!
big fan of the birds- tattoos, outfit (courtesy of Shnooks) and of course an angry bird birthday cake. The things we do for love :)

At this very moment, Ezra's favorites are:
- shows: Go, Diego, Go! and Dora the Explorer

- food: apples, bananas, grapes, dried apricots, pizza, and gummies. Though I must add that he is no longer the picky eater he once was. He'll eat just about anything if we tell him he needs to finish it (which makes meal time so much easier these days). He has to at least take one bite of a new food.

- activities: building block towers and "crashing" them, playing hide and go seek, exploring outside and collecting sticks and jumping in puddles, stealing dad's iPad to "crash" the angry birds or catch the bad guys (clash of the clans. nerrrrrd), pretending to be a robot, Diego, or a monster, and adding "Bobby" to the end of everyone's name (Ex. mommy-bobby, daddy-bobby, grandpa-bobby, etc.) Cracks me up every time!

love me some toddler selfies, especially the kissy-kissy lips!

He says the sweetest things.

me "I love you, Ezra"
ezra "I love you mooooore, Mommy."

and lately,

"I love my body! I love my body! I love your body too, mom. You too, Vivi"

"I really like your hair, mommy" (usually this is when it's a curly hot mess)

so sweet with his pancake; not so sweet dumping green food coloring all over himself and the couch.

Some days it can be the great battle of Mommy vs. Ezra, but I love him to pieces and love how much he's grown. Despite me missing his baby stage, I am thoroughly enjoying having him grow up. I look forward to the years to come and to see his already huge and inviting personality to just shine. I love thinking about the relationship he and Carl have and how much he will learn and absorb from Carl- fixing cars, building our home, learning about electricity and why the heart beats the way it does. I love that he and Vivienne play together so well and that he's learning to protect her and take her hand when necessary. He is such a good brother.

Ezra, you mean the world to us and we love you to the moon and back and more!

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