Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Take a look

from fall 2012. Loving the color change wisconsin receives each year. love.

You guys, I have been loving the time I've taken to blog lately. It has been an outlet for me, a stress-reliever really. I have always enjoyed writing. I love blogging for the opportunity to turn conversations into posts. My posts run through my mind like a river of words and feelings I feel each day. Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope it makes you feel more connected to my family and I as we are out here alone and away from our closest friends and immediate family. We are so grateful for the new friends and family who have adopted us and extended their friendships to us.

You may have noticed that I have been writing a "take a look" post almost weekly. Yes, it's my plan. Almost every week, I come across something funny, weird, intriguing, and/or gives-me-the-warm-fuzzies. I tend to just bookmark them "for later" and forget I ever saw them. So I hope to share my finds every Tuesday.

- ah I can waste so much time on Buzzfeed some days, but this is a quick laugh about how weird it'd be if guys did girl things

- Apartment Therapy always has the best tours like this cute Scandinavian-inspired nursery

- I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this astronaut mama!

- I'm in love with this wire art

- In the spirit of Fall, here are some non-Halloween ideas for decorating with pumpkins

- Angela from Oh She Glows never fails with her vegan recipes- this pumpkin butter is no exception! We've eaten in on bread and waffles so far. And licked our knives and spoons clean each time.

- How easy and adorable are these finger print pillows?? Adding to my already-ginormous project list!

- I always love a good satire post. To clear the air, I support taking care of your babies to the best of your abilities!

- I get a lot of questions about cloth diapering. I have some old posts here and here that will give you a general intro into costs and my reasons for trying to cloth diaper primarily.

Have a wonderful day :)

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  1. I love that you're back in the blogging world! Although we're crazy far away we feel more involved in your life as of late and of course, we love it! Love all of the fun pumpkin decor ideas...I love pumpkins! Can you ever have too many this time of year?